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Licence Regulations & Requirements

Licence Regulations & Requirements

It is illegal in Greece to drive a vehicle without a valid licence without the requiried category.
Rentee = The person(s) renting a vehicle and are on the contract.

For questions regarding your driving licence and required categories, please contact us.


  • Minimum age limit for the driver of category B and A, A2, is 25 years.​
    Also, the driver must have his/her license for minimum a year period.

  • Minimum age limit for the driver of category A1 (125cc) is 23 years* (G)

  • Minimum age limit for the driver of category AM is 18 years* (G)

  • Age for driving the 'No Driving Licence' moped is 21 years* (G).

    *(G) Scooter rentals are not allowed to persons who have not ridden one before or have had no experience in using one.
    The driver must have the ability and skills to drive a motorbike.
    Yiotis Rental have the right to reject rental to a person if the above clearly are not accurate.

    *Rentee that do not have the demanded requirements on category for drivinglicence and still proceeds with his/hers booking,

    are solely responsible for giving wrong information. Yiotis Rental will in case of delivery of a vehicle, charge an extra fee for the extra costs, pending on our costs (fuel, time and personel).


License rules

  • Holding a valid European or International Driving license (IDL) for over one year.​

  • AM category requires a drivers license with AM-category on it.

  • Drivers with A1 ,A2 or A driver's license can also rent AM-category.

  • Able to confirm license and identity with a Passport or valid Identity card (ID Card).

  • Driver outside EU/EES need an IDP - International Drivers Permit together with a valid licence.

  • It is not allowed to Drive The Vehicle if the Driver are Not the driver according to Contract!**

  • If the driver on the rented vehicle are not added to the contract, it is considered to be driving without licence**

  • No restriction codes on the license (AM, A1, A2 or A) With the restriction codes:
    79.03, 79(3), 79.04, 79(4), 79(2), 122 (UK).

Restriction codes on the licence (category .12):

  • Restriction codes 79.01, 79(1), 79.2, 79(2) = Only 3 wheels vehicles or Quad (max 45km/h).

  • Restriction codes 79.03, 79(3), 79.04, 79(4) = 3 wheels vehicles.

  • Restriction code 78 = Only Automatic transmission.

  • Restriction code 104 = Exchange of an M category licence limited to driving 25km/h vehicles only.

  • Restriction code 106 = Restricted to vehicles with Automatic transmissions.

  • Restriction code 110 = limited to transporting persons with restricted mobility.

  • Restriction code 122 = Basic moped training (max 25km/h).

  • Restriction code 46 or 125 = Tricycles only (for licences issued before 29 June 2014).


No Licence Motorcycle (max 25km/h):

  • Minimum age 18.

  • Verify identity with ID Card or Passport.

  • Helmet must be used when driving.


  • It is obligated in Greece to wear a helmet when driving AM, A1, A2, and A category vehicle.

  • It is obligated for both the driver and the passanger to wear a helmet.

  • Fines for not wearing any helmet(s) are solely the rentees responbilaty to pay.


**Yiotis will cancel the rental and emedietly retrieve the vehicle - Without any returning of deposit and/or any cancellation refund If there are an accident or any occuring situation with the vehicle involved and the driver are not on the contract. The rentee on the contract are solely responsible for any damages and costs.


For questions regarding your driving licence and required categories, please contact us.

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