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Rental Terms

Rental terms - Yiotis

Renter = Lesee of the rental contract



  • Minimum age limit for the driver of category B and A, A2, is 25 years.​
    Also, the driver must have his/her license for minimum a year period.

  • Minimum age limit for the driver of category A1 (125cc) is 23 years* (G)

  • Minimum age limit for the driver of category AM is 18 years* (G)

    *(G) Scooter rentals are not allowed to persons who have not ridden one before or have had no experience in using one. The driver must have the ability and skills to drive a motorbike.
    Yiotis Rental have the right to reject rental to a person if the above clearly are not accurate.

License rules

  • Holding a valid European or International Driving license (IDL) for over one year.​

  • AM category requires a drivers license with AM-category on it.

  • Drivers with A1 ,A2 or A driver's license can also rent AM-category.

  • Able to confirm license and identity with a Passport or valid Identity card (ID Card).

  • No restriction codes on the license (A1, A2 or A) With the restriction codes:
    79.03, 79(3), 79.04, 79(4), 79(2)


It is not legal to drive on a rented vehicle without a valid licence + category.
It is free of charge to ad an additional driver, please do so.

Renters that do not have the demanded requirements on category for drivinglicence and still proceeds with his/hers booking are solely responsible for giving wrong information. Yiotis Rental will in case of delivery of a vehicle, charge an extra fee for the extra costs, pending on our cost(s) (fuel, time and personel).

If the driver on the rented vehicle are not added to the contract, it is considered to be driving without licence. Yiotis will cancel the rental and emedietly retrieve the vehicle - Without any returning of deposit and/or any cancellation refund.

If there are an accident or any occuring situation with the vehicle involved and the driver are not on the contract. The rentee on the contract are solely responsible for any damages and costs.

Read our complete Licence Regulations & Requirements here.

Rental period

  • The rental period are between 9 AM (09.00) to 9 PM (21.00)
    In total, the rental period are for 12 hours (1 day).


Booking & Reservations

  • The rates are calculated upon the pick-up / delivery of the vehicle at the same location (with the possibility of pick-up / delivery at different locations).​

  • The renter assumes full responsibility for traffic violations and pays the respective fines.

  • It is the Renter who is responsible to insert correct info in the reservation/booking of a vehicle. 
    If the information is non valid and/or not correctly inserted. The booking will not be valid.

  • When Renter recieves a confirmation from Yiotis Rental (E-mail). The booking is considered to be completed and are obligated for payment (included all extra fees (transport etc.).

  • For delivery of vehicles that do not get picked up. Yiotis Rental will take a fee of €25 for petrol, personel and time loss. The fee will be added to the bill if the lesee picks up his rental at a later moment. If the lesee do not continue with the rental, Yiotis Rental will debit this separate.

  • Any bookings made online or by telephone or email. That are agreed upon to be picked up at our Rental Office(s). Must be picked up at the same day of rental within two(2) hours after agreed time for pickup. After this two(2) hours, Yiotis will cancel the reservation/booking and the vehicle may be rented to someone else.

  • When Renter recieves a confirmation from Yiotis Rental (E-mail). The booking is considered to be completed and are obligated for payment (included all extra fees (transport etc.).

  • Our Online booking are staffed Monday to Sunday between 09.00-21.00
    All bookings made will be processed for the next following day.
    We advise to visit us at our rental shop in Ierapetra, or call us.
    The opening hours are: 09.00 - 21.00

    If the renter do not wish to proceed with the rental period, After the booking is confirmed, The renter must then contact Yiotis Rental before 09.00 AM before the rental period starts. Yiotis Rental must then add a fee on the booking of 20% and also the fee for petrol of the transportation of the vehicle, such as to Chania, Heraklion etc.

    Phone: +30 6989 519291
    WhatsApp: +30 6989 519291

Due to high risk of over booking rate during high season. Yiotis Rental do not display prices on our website. This because of a daily rate but also because of the need of faster booking response.

We always display the total price in your recieved email and/or SMS sent to the adress and number inserted in your pre-booking form.


All rental prices include simple liability insurance.

The hirer is responsible for any damage or theft (partial or total) caused to rented motorcycle up to the amount of market value at the time of the accident / theft. All our rantal vehicles are equipped with doorlocks and/or steering locks.
The insurance covers the amount up to €500.

Any damages over this amout must be covered by the Renter.

No insurance contract covers:


  • Accident caused after illegal use of drugs, alcohol abuse.

  • Traffic offences (failure to stop at red lights, STOP sign violation, etc).

  • Damages at the bottom of the car.

  • Damages caused to the bottom of the vehicle, tires and rims.

  • Driver other than those signed in the Contract.

  • Driving with a flat tire.

  • For accidents not reported according to Greek legislations.

  • Parking tickets during the rental period(s).

  • You are advised not to drive on unpaved roads.

  • Bikes/Motorcycles tilted/overturned by wind (driven and/or parked).


  • The renter are solely obligated to return the vehicle with the same content of the tank as it was when recieved.


  • Free kilometers are included in the price

Charges & Fees

  • It is possible to pay the rental fee in Cash or with Creditcard at the Rental office.

  • It is also possible to pay with card at the delivery spot. This needs two things minimum;
    - Access to WiFi.
    - That you tell us in advance to bring a cardreader.


  • Helmets are free for Renters and included in price. (maximum two(2) helmets/motorcycle).

Cancellation & Refunds

Cancellations must be done before 12 hours of rental period starts.
This concerns Online booking vehicles with delivery only.

  • Cancellation of Booking must be done either by email or telephone (no text).
    For all Online bookings with delivery outside the Ierapetra area, this must be done 12 hours before rental period starts.

  • Only the person on the contract may cancel the rental agreement.

  • Fee paid by card will be returned within 12-14 banking days.

  • Fee may also be returned at our office in cash.

  • No cancellation are accepted without any Contract or Booking confirmation email.

Early Returning Policy

  • No cancellations for early returning of vehicles before period ends.

  • There are no petrol refund.

*Cancellations (Car, Bicycle, Motorcycle, E-Bike):
All cancelleation must be made written, either by email or telephone (no text).
It is also possible to cancel your reservation at our office.

Rental services

  • Unlimited Free Kilometers. There is no daily kilometer limit.

  • All taxes included. Our prices are final including all taxes and services without hidden costs.

  • 24 hours help assistance. We are available on a 24h basis for your service.

  • Full comprehensive insurance. We provide the most competitive full insurance service on the market including: Fully comprehensive insurance, collision damage waver (c.d.w.) Full cover for Fire - Theft - Windows.

  • 24 hours road assistance. We provide road service on 24h basis in cooperation with the largets road service insurance company in Greece.

  • Vehicle replacement in case of breakdown. We replace your car or bike with a new one in case of damage or car accident.

  • A second driver to the contract for free. No additional charge for the second driver.

  • Airport - port - hotel service. We deliver/collect your vehicle, all over the island, to the destination of your choise (airport, port, hotel, etc) for free. A small charge is incurred for rental periods less than 1 week. We also offer delivery of the vehicle at any hotel in Crete.

  • Special prices for many days rental. Our prices get lower for the move days. The longer you rent! the lower it gets!

  • No extra charge for after midnight arrivals. You are not charged any extra cost in case your arrival at the delivery point (airports, ports) is after midnight.

  • No extra charge on delays. You are not charged any extra cost in case of delayed arrival of your flight (or your ferry) at the place of delivery point.

  • Free baby and child seats. We offer the highest security seats for babies and children.

  • Free road map of Crete. We provide a free detailed road map of the island.

  • Free airport parking at the car delivery. You are not charged the parking cost of the car when the delivery and return point is an airport (other competitors charge this cost to the customers).

The Terms (and prices) can be changed at any time without notice.

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